4 tactics to enhance your car buying negotiation skills

Tips for negotiating with a car dealer

You are finally ready to purchase a vehicle, and this is not the easiest decision to come to. However, you have factored in how much you can afford each month,  researched all of the vehicles you liked, and have narrowed it down to one. Your job is not over, though. Once it is time to go check out the car, there are a few negotiating tactics you may want to have under your belt, so you are ready for whatever game or trick the dealer has coming your way. 

Deal with your loan first 
When you walk into a dealership, one bargaining chip you don’t want the dealer to have is for you to go through financing with them. It is more beneficial for buyers to work out their auto loan through a third party lender before even entering a dealership. 

Focus, stay calm and be patient 
A dealer’s job is to make you lose focus and possibly get lost in all of the terminology surrounding a deal, so you do not get the best possible price. However, your job is to not let this happen. Just keep the bottom line and the price you want to pay in the back of your mind, and let the dealer attempt to sway you one way or another. This is why it is important to remain calm and patient. The last thing you want to do is to get angry or over-emotional and make a deal when you are not fully committed to it. 

Ignore the games 
There are countless games that dealers may play with their customers, but the trick is to focus on your bottom line. Even though the games can get tiring, just stay firm and try to control the situation to the best of your abilities. 

Just walk out 
This is one of the best ways to get the dealer’s attention – even if you can do what’s called a “soft walk out.” When you are leaving, do so slowly and say things like, ”Let me know if you change your mind” or “Sorry, I just don’t see that working.” More often than not the dealer will back down in order to make the sale, as long as your terms are reasonable. 

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