About Us

Focus on the car, not the financing.

CarFinance.com is a direct lender providing financing for individuals looking to purchase a car, or wanting to lower their existing car loan payments by refinancing with a new loan. Within the comfort of your home, or anywhere with an internet connection, you can apply for a car loan and complete the entire process online which allows you to keep your personal information private, safe and secure.

CarFinance.com was founded by two industry veterans, each with over twenty years experience in the automotive industry. Jim Landy is our Chief Executive Officer and President and previously was the CEO of a California Bank with over $1.5 billion in auto loans, and previously founded an auto finance company which grew to over $4 billion in auto loans, half of which were originated over the web. Executive Vice President Dennis Morris leads the new loan origination process and has been in executive management roles at large banks, finance companies, and automotive manufacturer captive financing companies.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, CarFinance.com provides auto loans for new and used car purchases in over 40 states serving the vast majority of the country’s car purchasing population. If we are not yet licensed to lend in your state, we will refer to you someone that can help you.

Our staff has helped thousands of customers get into a car or truck of their dreams. We specialize in financing vehicle loans for all credit types, including customers with less than perfect credit. The process can be completed quickly and is virtually paperless.

Why should you get an online auto loan at CarFinance.com?

Today, consumers have the ability to go online and search for the best providers, products and pricing via the Internet. With online banking now one of the most frequented activities on the web, more and more consumers are finding it more convenient, secure, and rewarding to get their auto loan online.