How Much Vehicle Can I Afford?

For many, buying a car with the most bells and whistles is the first instinct and preference for most people – and who could blame you!? But if you’re not careful, those vehicle extras can add up fast.

It is important for car buyers to choose a vehicle you can afford so you don’t end up drowing in monthly payments. This calculator is designed to give you an estimate on how much vehicle you can afford; meaning, how much your total price should be, excluding sales tax.

First, you need to determine your credit profile standing: Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, or Poor. Be accurate in assessing your credit standing, since this will produce a more accurate measurement of how many vehicle extras you can afford.

The annual percentage rates (APR) used in this calculator are determined by national averages for those credit profile standings, therefore it is very important to be as precise as possible.

Select your credit profile:
Are you purchasing a new or used car?
Enter the estimated monthly payment:
Select the loan term needed to repay the loan (in months):
Enter the cash down payment:
Enter the manufacturer’s rebate:
Enter the trade-in allowance:
Enter the amount owed on trade-in:
Enter the sales tax: %
The estimated vehicle price is: