Getting the most out of your car loan with fuel efficiency stars

Getting the most out of your car loan with fuel efficiency stars

Considering the high price of gas in recent years, a lot of people think twice about mileage when shopping for a new car. Balancing monthly auto loan expenses with the cost of fuel could be a major decisive factor for more shoppers than ever, meaning getting the most out of a car loan will require a vehicle that is affordable and fuel efficient. There are plenty of options out there, but it may be hard to pick out which ones are the best of the bunch. In addition to gas-powered cars, there are many alternative options that drivers may want to consider to save at the pump.

Hybrid engines
For consumers who want a value car loan but don't want to spend all their time at the pump, hybrid engines are a good middle ground between high gas mileage and a traditional driving experience. Some people prefer these models to electric engines because they feel there is more power in a combustion version, even when coupled with an alternative power source.

Hybrid vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, but the smaller the car, the more drivers can save at the pump. Even if a truck or SUV says it is a hybrid, chances are it will not get as many miles per gallon as a standard sedan car. The Scion and Honda's CR-Z both get over 40 mpg, and both of these models are lauded for their stylish designs as well as their performance.

Electric power
Whether they want to "go green" or keep some green in their wallets, some car loan applicants want a vehicle that can take them 100 miles without ever needed to stop for fuel. There are many electric-only vehicles available on the market today than can fit the bill.

Both Kelley Blue Book and the U.S. Department of Energy agree that the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the top pick for consumers in this category. Supplying state-of-the-art technology, stunning design and more than 110 mpg, there is no other electric car on the road that can match it, but many come close. Getting a car loan for this kind of vehicle comes with more than just the perks of federal tax write-offs and lower fuel costs – it is also a status symbol that is easy to afford with the right auto loan coverage.

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