It’s official: car buying has become a social activity. In an age when communication is rapid, and information is everywhere, myths and untruths about the car buying process can spread like wildfire. A few of the most popular myths about car buying come in the form of the worst advice we’ve ever heard. Every Tom and Jane you … Continued

Are you the type that likes to be prepared for everything in life? If you are, and are also considering a car loan, you want to make sure to have the appropriate paperwork when you apply online. Then you think to yourself, “But wait, what paperwork do I need?” That is a very common question for first-time car … Continued

April’s Earth Day is the reminder most of us need to keep the environment in mind. It’s the day when you might pick up a water bottle and recycle it, or make a more conscious effort to use less water. However, the idea that inspired Earth Day is much larger, and now includes the technology of today such … Continued