Rain, snow, extreme heat, traffic congestion, and windy roads – just a few of the dangers that await you depending on the climate you live in, and the time of day you leave your home. Everyone has that friend that claims to know exactly how to drive in every weather situation, but perhaps the better approach is to … Continued

Modern cars are engineered to be smarter and more fuel efficient than the gas-guzzling speed demons of your parents’ generation. However, as vehicular technology moves towards autonomous driving, you can still get your thrills from Netflix and in the movie theatres. Looking for suggestions to help you get your rev on? Check out this list of films featuring … Continued

Love them or hate them, car company slogans stick with you. Whether keenly catchy, or notoriously terrible, we still talk about them around the proverbial water cooler. A slogan can make or break a company, and these five automakers seized the opportunity with both hands on the reins. 5. Zoom Zoom – Mazda It’s quite possible you saw … Continued