How to Pack Your Car for the Holiday Road Trip

The holidays are nearly here! That means some things: Cold weather, inescapable holiday music, trying to find the perfect present for even the pickiest of recipients, and oh yeah, that drive to the large family gathering. When the day arrives to head out with the extended family, all the presents, and the luggage for even … Continued

Comparing the Top 5 Smart Phone Navigation Apps

Raise your hand if you printed out your driving directions on paper back in the day. Now put your hand down because your co-workers and friends are probably shaming you for being old. Today’s weary travelers will never have to deal with the coordination required to watch the road, while occasionally looking down at a … Continued

Veteran’s Day: Remembering the Coolest Military Vehicles Throughout History

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” George Washington said this a little over 100 years before the first armed petrol engine-powered vehicle, F.R. Simms’ “Motor Scout,” existed. It’s highly doubtful the eventual first President of the United States paid any mind to future technology when he said … Continued