Love them or hate them, car company slogans stick with you. Whether keenly catchy, or notoriously terrible, we still talk about them around the proverbial water cooler. A slogan can make or break a company, and these five automakers seized the opportunity with both hands on the reins. 5. Zoom Zoom – Mazda It’s quite possible you saw … Continued

Summer is never complete without a road trip. The long-standing American tradition is symbolic to the season and the feelings of freedom the open-road gives us. However, no road trip can exist in silence and still be enjoyable, so a road trip playlist is a must for any trek. Whether you’re venturing on a weekend getaway, embarking on … Continued

You’ve been through so much together–long drives up the coast, parties on Friday nights, and maybe even that first car seat when the new bundle of joy came along. But times have passed, and things have changed. Everything isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, and your relationship has hit a snag. We’re talking about your car … Continued