Getting the right car loan has a lot to do with timing. However, getting a new car is often done out of need, which can feel like you’re losing some flexibility in finding the right time and the right market conditions to secure a good loan. Luckily, car refinancing can enable you to pick the right time to … Continued

Whether you love the car you already have or just can’t afford to get a new one quite yet, there are almost always things that you can do to your car to put a little pep in “her” step. No, we’re not talking about racing it out and converting it to run off of jet fuel, just a … Continued

From news at your fingertips to tools that make car enthusiasts live easier, there are countless car apps for Android and iOS devoted to every aspect of a car lover’s lifestyle. Here are some of the best mobile apps for car enthusiasts that keep you informed, help you buy or repair a car, and even have a little … Continued