One of the most historic highways in the United States, Route 66, was a beacon for job seekers and families searching for the American Dream. Established in 1926 and also known as “Will Rogers Highway,” Route 66 ran from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA. The highway ran through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona claiming … Continued

It’s official: car buying has become a social activity. In an age when communication is rapid, and information is everywhere, myths and untruths about the car buying process can spread like wildfire. A few of the most popular myths about car buying come in the form of the worst advice we’ve ever heard. Every Tom and Jane you … Continued

Are you the type that likes to be prepared for everything in life? If you are, and are also considering a car loan, you want to make sure to have the appropriate paperwork when you apply online. Then you think to yourself, “But wait, what paperwork do I need?” That is a very common question for first-time car … Continued