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1. Validation

Go to to enter the deal details, get immediate response from our structure validation engine, and start the process for rapid funding.

2. Customer Acknowledgement

Once the deal structure is validated, you will receive confirmation that the customer acknowledgement process is complete.

3. Funding

There are no fees and funding can begin the same day! Upon receipt and verification of all loan documents and information, we will fund by check.

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Program Guidelines

Review the CarFinance Purchase Certificate the customer has brought to the dealership. It has the customer’s maximum financing amount stated, as well as our requirements for eligible vehicles and selling dealerships:

Eligible vehicles:

  • Must be within the Loan to Value (LTV) guidelines and the amount of the CarFinance Purchase Certificate must not exceed the amount of the Buyer’s Order
  • Must be 8 years old or newer, not have greater than 100,000 miles, and the odometer has not been replaced
  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes

Ineligible vehicles:

  • No motorcycles, heavy duty and super duty trucks – common examples are: Chevy Silverado 3500 and above, Ford F350 and above, GMC Sierra 3500 and above, Ram 3500 and above, all-electric and recreational vehicles, cargo or commercial vans
  • No Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, CODA, Daewoo, Ferrari, Fisker, Freightliner, Hummer, Isuzu, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Peugeot, Pontiac, Rolls Royce, Saab, Saturn, Smart, Suzuki, Sterling, Tesla makes/brands
  • No branded, salvaged, lemon law, flood or frame damage titles
  • No out of production vehicles

Optimally, your dealership is a franchised dealership located in the same state where the customer resides. If not, don’t worry, it’s not a deal breaker:

  • CarFinance does finance vehicles purchased from independent dealerships following a standard (and quick!) dealership review process.
  • CarFinance allows customers to shop at dealerships in a neighboring state as long as the dealership can complete the title and registration process for the customer’s residence state.

Online Deal Validation Process

Go to to enter the deal details, get immediate response from our structure validation engine, and start the process for rapid funding:

  • Submit vehicle and financing details for validation.
  • Customer completes the identity verification and loan acknowledgement process.
  • Provide required documents – funding can begin the same day!

Online Deal Lookup Tool

After you’ve submitted your vehicle purchase deal online, then it’s easy to look up the information you need with just a VIN or CarFinance Customer Number. You and the right people at your dealership, including your accounting department, can use our Deal Lookup tool to view specific document requirements and funding instructions for your deal and be informed on funds to be received.

Documents Review Process

Once the deal structure is validated and you receive confirmation that the customer acknowledgement process is complete:


  • CarFinance Purchase Certificate – complete and signed by the borrower(s) and an authorized Dealer Representative
  • Signed Buyers Order, Bill of Sale or Purchase Order that matches the amount listed on the CarFinancePurchase Certificate
  • Copy of Factory Invoice/Window Sticker for New Vehicles or book out sheet for Used Vehicles, listing all options
  • Application for Title, showing CarFinance listed as lien holder
  • Copy of the Odometer Statement (if mileage is not listed on the Title Application)
  • Copy of any back-end products sold (i.e. Warranty, GAP)
  • Copies of any documents required by the state to ensure the Dealer’s compliant with state law

Process the title application and any paperwork needed to perfect CarFinance Capital LLC’s first security interest in the vehicle with the appropriate government agency.

  • Lien holder address: CarFinance P.O. Box 278401, Sacramento, CA 95827-8401
  • CarFinance participates in electronic lien and titling program in the following states and state ELT codes:
  1. Arizona 275493255
  2. California A52
  3. Colorado E2754932550001
  4. Florida 229710415
  5. Georgia 001108388693
  6. Iowa 27549325500
  7. North Carolina 36581956
  8. Nebraska 40938596
  9. Pennsylvania 27549325501
  10. South Dakota 275493255
  11. Texas 27549325500
  12. Virginia CAC54

Dealer Funding Process

Our Promise to the Dealer: Upon receipt and verification of all customer and dealer required documents, we will fund via ACH for dealers with an active indirect relationship with Flagship Credit Acceptance and by overnight check for all other dealers. There are no fees.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please call or email and a Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly. Call during business hours to speak with a live agent.

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    Phone: 888-227-9555
  2. Hours:
    Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM CT
    Saturday: Closed
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